"Oh No I'm Lost! Now What?"

The Wilderness Man

Come up north and escape the heat! Attend The Best Full Day Wilderness Survival Course in Flagstaff Arizona!


This is truly the most extensive and thorough course around! We will be covering my top areas to focus on for the true survivor in the backcountry!

Wether you are a weekend hiker, backpacker, kayaker, fisherman, mountain biker or you're just passionate about the great outdoors, this is the class for YOU!

AGES: 8 and up (I love teaching kids, so they are welcome!)

WHAT: We will cover the following in great detail, and this will be hands on!

  • Fire (5 different ways to make fire)
  • Shelter (How to build and construct the correct way)
  • Water Purification and Location
  • First Aid (How to properly use a splint and treating insect and reptile bites)
  • Signaling (How to signal for rescue)
  • Clothing (What to wear for where you're going)

BRING: knife, and a packed lunch (everything else will be on a checklist)


TIME: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

WHERE: Pilot Tavel Center 12500 I-40, Bellemont, AZ 86015 

You will receive a certificate of completion for *Level 1 Survival (only after completing quiz)

We will send out a thorough checklist upon registration. We will have plenty of water and snacks! 



Type: Wilderness Man Survival